M.Sc Program in Physics

The MSc program in Physics was officially reactivated in September 2015. All undergraduate students with a high GPA in the field of Physics, are always welcome to apply.

The deadline for the 2017-2018 application submission is 19th of February 2017.

The application procedure is as follows:

For students in Kuwait, i.e. Kuwait nationals and residents, the applicant has to apply for Admission to the MSc program as described here: Apply Here

In addition, the applicant can apply for the Graduate Study Excellence Scholarships of Kuwait University though the following website: Apply Here

For students not in Kuwait, i.e. international students, the applicant applies directly for the Graduate Study Excellence Scholarship of Kuwait University. There is no need to apply for Admission. The application has to be submitted here: Apply Here

For the specific Scholarship, among other requirements, the applicant needs to have:
  • GPA & MGPA in the field of Physics no less than 3.00 on a scale of 4.00, or its equivalent   
  • GRE score no less than 3 in Analytical Writing and 145 in Verbal Reasoning
  • TOEFL score of no less than 550, or its equivalent (IELTS)


                      The scholarship includes a full university tuition waiver, as well as generous financial monthly stipend of KD1000 (approximately $3500) for the MSc student. Kuwait University offers non-resident students a generous benefit plan, which includes air-ticket, accommodation, public health insurance and entry visa in accordance with Kuwait rules and regulations.

For any kind of information please feel free to contact the members of the Graduate Studies Committee:


Dr. Belal Salameh (Director)                                    Email: b.salameh@ku.edu.kw                                      

Dr. Elias C. Vagenas                                                   Email: elias.vagenas@ku.edu.kw

Information about the Department of Physics of KU and its faculty members can be found on the departmental website: Physics WebLink


Remote Sensing
Climate Data

Space Weather
Prediction with Cosmic Rays

AErosol RObotic NETwork (AERONET)