Physics Depatrment Goals & Strategies

The Four key components of Physics Department's Goals are:

Goal 1
To provide excellent courses, curricula and learning environment as well as implement new technological and pedagogical approaches to physics teaching programs.

Strategies are :
  • Provide resources for curriculum development and introduction of new courses.
  • Continue monitoring of standards of exams through the Examination Committee.
  • Continue monitoring the teaching of basic physics courses through course coordination committees.
  • Offer the maximum possible number of elective physics courses in both the fall and spring semesters.
  • Increase the number of faculty in order to enhance the ability to develop and teach new courses.
  • Seek in conjunction with the College to modernize classrooms to include state-of-the-art teaching technologies.
  • Develop faculty teaching effectiveness through peer interaction and input.
  • Upgrade computer facilities for physics majors.
  • Continue the work of the Courses & Curriculum Committee to monitor curriculum effectiveness.
  • Review textbook and syllabus changes annually.
  • Upgrade instructional laboratories by modernizing and increasing laboratory space, updating lab and equipment and reviewing lab curricula.
  • Implement and evaluate different teaching methods (e.g. inquiry based physics method) for selected physics courses.
  • Set up, implement and evaluate the use of the web homework assignments and grading for selected physics classes.
  • Invite outside speakers who specialize in teaching methods to give departmental colloquia and seminars.
  • Continue to invite academic consultants and visiting professors to review existing and proposed academic programs.

Goal 2
Foster an exciting environment for faculty that promotes the development of first class research programs.

Strategies are :
  • Work with the College and University to increase the number of faculty.
  • Diversify the specializations to include major research areas in physics, a task being made the more significant by the fact that the Physics Department is the only one in the country.
  • Intensify the departmental seminar activity.
  • Increase the number of submitted research grant proposals.
  • Continue the international research collaborations with scientists in prominent institutes and universities.
  • Continue to seek research funding from within and outside the University.
  • Continue and seek to expand the visiting professors program to stimulate and enhance research activity
  • Encourage the use of research seed funds for newly hired faculty.
  • Reach out to colleagues in the Colleges of Science, Engineering and others to develop joint and inter-disciplinary research.

Goal 3
Recruit and educate an excellent undergraduate student body.

Strategies are :
  • Publicize the teaching programs and research activities through updates in the web site of the department, publications in the University news journal and information pamphlets.
  • Compete with the College of Engineering in attracting the best students to the physics programs.
  • Continue to develop the Engineering Physics program through the introduction and delivery of new courses and developing new teaching laboratories.
  • Seek to create new interdisciplinary programs (such as biophysics, geophysics, etc.) to be Minor programs to the Physics Major programs.
  • Involve faculty in mentoring the physics undergraduate majors.
  • Encourage and plan for visits to the Department by high school students, set up demonstration experiments and give presentations about physics and physics programs.
  • Visit high schools and give presentations on reasons for being physics majors at Kuwait University.

Goal 4
Create an environment that stimulates enhanced faculty and staff effectiveness.

Strategies are :
  • Encourage staff participation in training programs that seek to enhance and upgrade their capabilities and performance.
  • Renovate the offices, laboratories and the meeting room to improve working environment.
  • Encourage and hold banquets and group lunches.
  • Provide mentoring for new staff.
  • Encourage staff gatherings on social occasions.

Goal 5
Attract and retain graduate students.

Strategies are :
  • Publicize the Physics graduate program and seek to attract students both from graduates of Kuwait University and graduates of other universities.
  • Improve mentoring of graduate students.
  • Seek to involve senior undergraduate students in research activity to entice them into the graduate program.
  • Encourage the participation of graduate students in regional and international workshops, summer schools and conferences.


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