Department Vision
The Department of Physics aspires to High Standards of Excellence in all aspects of Teaching, Research and Service

        We will strive to engage our colleagues in the Colleges of Science, Engineering and others at Kuwait University and elsewhere to jointly advance our understanding and application of science for the benefit of society. We will strive to have a student body of both undergraduate majors and graduates of superior intellect and accomplishment. We will give high priority to the education of students from other disciplines. Through our undergraduate and graduate education as well as our research programs, we endeavor to achieve top ranking in the Arab world universities and institutions as well as achieve international recognition..

Deparment Mission
Physics is a Fundamental Discipline that underpins Engineering and Science as well as most of our Modern Technology

        The Mission of the Physics Department is to serve the citizens of Kuwait, the Arab world and the rest of the world by promoting the advancement and dissemination as well the application of the knowledge of physics and the understanding of the basic laws of nature. This is accomplished through research and instruction in an excellent learning environment and through activities in which we share our skills, knowledge and enthusiasm with the community at large  


Remote Sensing
Climate Data

Space Weather
Prediction with Cosmic Rays

AErosol RObotic NETwork (AERONET)