Faculty Details :

Name: Dr. Nasser Soliman Demir
Education: Ph. D.,M.A.(Duke University),S.B.(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest
Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics
Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics
Transport Theory
Statistical Physics
Environmental Radioactivity

Theoretical Physics

Journal Publications
01. Entropy change and phase transitions in an expanding Universe
       Iqbal ,N., Masood, T., and Demir, N
       Source:Astron. Nachr. /AN 336, No. 10, 1025-1032 (2015)
02. Shear-Viscosity in a Perturbative Quark-Gluon-Plasma
       Source:arXiv:1008.2306 [nucl-th],J.Phys.G38:015004,(2011)
03. Shear-Viscosity to Entropy Density Ratio of a Relativistic Hadron Gas
       N.Demir & S.A.Bass
       Source:arXiv:0812.2422 [nucl-th], Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 172302 (2009)

Conference Publications
01. Ideal Fluids, the Quark Gluon Plasma, and Hadronic Gases
       N. Demir
       Source:Journal of Physics: Conference Series (n): 574, 012018, 1-6, 2015
02. Hadronic Shear Viscosity: A Comparison between the Green-Kubo and Chapmann Enskog Methods
       N. Demir and A. Wiranata
       Source:2014 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 535 012018
03. Shear Viscosities of Hadronic Gases
       N. Demir, A. Wiranata, S.A. Bass, M. Prakash
       Source:Poster presented at 2014 Scientific Poster Day, March 25, 2014, Kuwait University
04. The Green Kubo Method vs The Chapman-Enskog Approximation
       N. Demir, A. Wiranata, S.A. Bass, and M. Prakash
       Source:Poster presented at Quark Matter 2012: the 23rd International Conference on Ultrarelativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions
05. eta/s of a Relativistic Hadron Gas at RHIC:Approaching the AdS/CFT bound?
       N.Demir & S.A.Bass
       Source:arXiv:0907.4333 [nucl-th], Nucl.Phys A830:733C-736C,(2009)
06. Extracting hadronic viscosity from microscopic transport models
       N.Demir & S.A.Bass
       Source:Eur.Phys.J.,C62(2009) 63-68



Remote Sensing
Climate Data

Space Weather
Prediction with Cosmic Rays

AErosol RObotic NETwork (AERONET)