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Course No Course Title
PHYS 101 General Physics I for Science and Engineers Students
PHYS 102 General Physics II for Science and Engineers Students
PHYS 203 General Physics III
PHYS 105 General Physics Lab I
PHYS 106 Introduction to Astronomy
PHYS 107 General Physics Lab II
PHYS 121 General Physics I for Biological and Premedical Sciences
PHYS 122 General Physics II for Biological and Premedical Sciences
PHYS 125 General Physics Lab
PHYS 127 General Physics Lab
PHYS 209 Modern Physics
PHYS 212 Modern Astronomy
PHYS 213 Principles of Electronics
PHYS 217 Mathematical Methods in Physics
PHYS 243 Digital Electronics
PHYS 251 Introduction to Remote Sensing
PHYS 301 Quantum Physics I
PHYS 303 Quantum Physics II
PHYS 306 Modern Physics Lab
PHYS 310 Classical Mechanics
PHYS 312 Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 314 Thermal Physics
PHYS 337 Semiconductor Physics & Devices
PHYS 338 Physical Properties of Solids Lab
PHYS 340 Computational Physics I
PHYS 351 Applied Optics
PHYS 352 Introduction to lasers
PHYS 353 Laser Physics Laboratory
PHYS 354 Introduction to Optical Wavaguides
PHYS 355 Integrated Optics
PHYS 375 Physics of Climate
PHYS 380 Digital Design I
PHYS 382 Object Oriented Programming
PHYS 384 MicroComputer Architecture
PHYS 401 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 406 Advanced Physics Laboratory
PHYS 407 Mathematical Physics
PHYS 408 Atomic Physics
PHYS 409 Statistical Physics
PHYS 424 Particle Physics
PHYS 425 Modern Optics
PHYS 431 Laser Applications
PHYS 434 Solid State Devices
PHYS 435 Solid State Devices Lab
PHYS 438 Physics of PhotoElectronic Devices
PHYS 451 Laser Applications
PHYS 452 Laser Application Lab
PHYS 453 Optical Communications
PHYS 454 Laser Devices
PHYS 455 Laser Devices Laboratory
PHYS 456 Lasers in Medicine and Surgery
PHYS 457 Advanced Lasers and Optics Laboratory
PHYS 459 Optical Communications
PHYS 461 Optical Imaging Processing & Analysis
PHYS 462 Optical Fiber Sensors
PHYS 470 Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
PHYS 472 Space Physics
PHYS 475 Visible and IR Remote Sensing
PHYS 476 Microwave Remote Sensing
PHYS 477 Microwave Radiometry Applications
PHYS 478 Satellite Meteorology
PHYS 479 Radar Signal Processing
PHYS 480 Digital Image Processing
PHYS 481 Medical Electronics
PHYS 482 Digital Signal Processing
PHYS 484 System Programming
PHYS 485 System Programming Laboratory
PHYS 486 System Interfacing & Sensors
PHYS 487 System Interfacing & Sensors Laboratory
PHYS 488 Electronics Circuits
PHYS 499 Project
PHYS 501 Classical Mechanics
PHYS 503 Classical Electrodynamics
PHYS 505 Quantum mechanics I
PHYS 507 Mathematical and Computational Methods
PHYS 510 Atomic Spectra
PHYS 512 Laser Physics
PHYS 515 Theory of Atomic Collisions
PHYS 520 Molecular Spectroscopy I
PHYS 521 Molecular Spectroscopy II
PHYS 523 Photophysics
PHYS 525 Raman Spectroscopy
PHYS 530 Solid State Physics I
PHYS 531 Solid State Physics II
PHYS 533 Semiconductors: Principles & Application
PHYS 535 Thermal Solar Processes
PHYS 542 Field Theory
PHYS 545 Elementary Particles
PHYS 550 Nuclear Physics I
PHYS 551 Nuclear Physics II
PHYS 560 Electronics
PHYS 590 Seminar Selected Topics
PHYS 597 Thesis I
PHYS 598 Thesis II
PHYS 599 Thesis III


Remote Sensing
Climate Data

Space Weather
Prediction with Cosmic Rays

AErosol RObotic NETwork (AERONET)